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  • UPC: 744845502007
Oxbow's Papaya Fruit Plus contains a measureable concentration of active enzymes. Made from the freshest papaya and pineapple (natural sources of digestive enzymes papain and bromelain), Papaya Fruit Plus contains guaranteed levels of active enzymes that are present at a higher level than can be achieved by feeding the same amount of natural fruit.

  • UPC: 744845501000
Did you know that a lack of vitamin C is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in guinea pigs? Luckily, it's also the most preventable.

  • UPC: 707585174187
Treat your furry friends to a healthier life! Specially designed to provide balanced protein, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes to fortify their typical diet. Can be mixed with or sprinkled on food or mixed with water to make a gravy.