Tammy K.

I love the pet Market for my clients needs! They are friendly and can get you just what you want!

Ryan W.

Great neighborhood pet store! They are extremely helpful and very nice. And thank you Alina in particular for your help!

Rachel W.

This is really a friendly, neighborhood pet store! They deliver really quickly and sometimes even after store hours. When my dog was really sick, Roberto brought by the only food she would eat. They really go the extra mile and I so appreciate them. Thank you!!

Tabitha B.

The owner here is amazing. I was having trouble with the local pet store guy here in Park Slope South and while I was in Morningside Heights, saw that this location sold the brand of food my dog eats. Even though I live all the way out here, he offered to have his delivery guy drop food off here, as long it was a large order. However, the delivery guy decided he wouldn't drive out to my hood, so the owner (I don't know his name!) actually took the 2 subways it takes to get out to my apartment and delivered the food himself. While this is not a good long term solution, I really appreciate the customer service and his dedication to getting this food out to me. Whenever I'm back in the neighborhood, I will be sure to drop by and give this guy some business!

Christy R.

The most friendly pet store I've been to! Today I just called and ordered pet supplies and the lady was very polite! I asked her to deliver them asap and they came in 20 min!!

Mark R.

I really like these guys...they always take good care of me and my Sophie, who is finicky about which food she'll eat, and can be tough to find. If these guys don't already have it in stock on the day I call, they get it the next day, and have it delivered to my door in time for dinner.

When my Sophie was destroying toys faster than I could buy them, they helped research and stock toys that were tough enough to stand up to the challenge.

Keep up the good work guys!

Katey M.

It's a small store, but they pack a lot in. I have rabbits, so I am especially pleased that they carry Oxbow rabbit food, several varieties of hay, and Carefresh litter box stuff. The prices are very good and the staff is helpful and happy to order things if what you need is not in stock. Nothing fancy, but a great neighborhood pet store with all the essentials.

Susan H.

I have been patronizing The Pet Market for about five years now. I am always happy with the service and free delivery is a big plus. When I was housebound with pneumonia in January 2011 this crew came to my rescue with car litter, food, and even treats on more than one occasion. I am always blown away when everything is delivered so quickly.

TPM has everything I could ask for in a neighborhood store: supply, service, convenience, and a very nice staff.

Sarah G.

I could not fit all of my dogs toys in my suitcase when I made the move to NY. Therefore, I needed to stock up on toys and treats and I needed to do it quick. Toby the dog was not happy that he had nothing to play with.

The Pet Market is a smaller store...but they use the best of their space. Every square inch is stuffed full of toys, treats, dog beds, food...etc....etc..

They had a particular brand of treats that my dogs LOVES and that I have been looking around for months and months for. They were very friendly inside and were happy to play with my dog while I shopped around.

As a bonus...they also offer free delivery. I mean...who wants to carry around a 20 - 40 lb bag of dog food? Not me!