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NYC's #1 Neighborhood Pet Store Since 1991

About Us

Woman owned and operated since 1991

The Pet Market, circa 1995

The Pet Market opened our first store on 72nd Street in New York City in 1991. As a family-owned business, our vision and goal was to design a pet store that did more than just sell food and toys. We wanted to build a destination for NYC pets and pet-owners with a focus on nutrition, health, and care.

We only stock the best

We continually strive to elevate the well-being and happiness of the furry friends who delight in coming into "their" store, and our store cater to both pets and their people. We carefully curate every square inch of our shelves with top-notch foods, supplements, toys, and treats. Our customers appreciate our dedication to providing advice and products that lead to good health habits for their beloved companion animals.

Top-notch foods, supplements, and treats

Now serving all of Manhattan

Three decades after our first store opened, the Pet Market now has six Manhattan locations! So much has changed over time with regard to pet food and nutrition. We take pride in progressing with the times and staying current in pet care innovation. As well, we partner with adoption and rescue groups to aid local animals in need.

Our values

Over the years, we have never wavered on our core values of nutrition, care, and community.


In addition to national and local brands, we continually add new and exclusive brands that reflect the latest research in pet health.


Health is about more than just food. Health is also about well-being. We will assist you in finding holistic treatments, supplements, toppers, and toys that enhance the life of your pet and your life together.


Because we are here, locally, to serve you and the needs of your pets, we can provide service that is informative, supportive, and individualized.

How we're different

In the era of online shopping, neighborhood pet stores are challenged even more by competition. When customers visit the Pet Market, our hope is not simply to make a sale, but to create an experience that will be memorable to both our customers and their pets. Our promise is to continue to follow innovation in pet food and supplies, provide knowledge-based customer service, and create a welcoming and fun environment. To quote one of our loyal customers, "If my dog could talk, for her, this is the best place on Earth!"

We sincerely hope that with our passion for the health and well-being of our customers' adored pets, our stores will continue to serve the needs of New York City pet owners and their four-legged (or two-legged!) friends for many years to come.

Visit us today!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our six neighborhood locations soon!